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Dirty Ernie's BBQ Sauce

Re: Ernie’s BBQ Sauce
From: Reed
Date: 1/6/2024, 12:56 PM
To: Phaedrus 

On 1/6/2024 2:29 AM, Reed wrote:


Saw that someone was kind to post the recipe for Bimini bread and 
conch chowder, thanks for that.  

I was looking for the recipe for the barbecue sauce, and was hoping 
Jim (who worked there) could help, many thanks


 Hello Reid,

 I asked Jim and this is his reply:

 Sorry no help here.


Frank "Butch" Samp, who also owned the Floridian Restaurant (Not to be confused with the Floridian Restaurant in St. Augustine) on Las Olas Boulevard, sold Ernies in 2017 to Anthony Bruno, founder of Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza.

The "Ernie's" classic dishes continued to be served at the Floridian Restaurant at 1410 E Las Olas Blvd, Ft Lauderdale. Their webpage says: "Come by for your Bimini Bread, conch chowder and BBQ". This restaurant is a going concern and seems to be still serving the conch chowder, Bimini Bread, and BBQ made from the old Ernie's recipes. See:The Floridian Diner

Butch Samp passed away in 2023. I don't know whether the Floridian Restaurant is still owned by the Samp family. The Samp family and employees of The Floridian would be the ones who would know the BBQ sauce recipe.

There is an old Dirty Ernie's Facebook page here: Ernie's BBQ Lounge There is a Floridian Restaurant Facebook page here: The Floridian on Facebook

There is a recipe here called "Ernie's BBQ Sauce", but it does not mention "Dirty Ernie's" and probably does not have any connection with the restaurant:

 I will post this for reader input.