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Blue Heron/Potted Steer House Dressing

Re: Blue Heron or Potted Steer salad dressing
From: Carol
Date: 1/5/2024, 1:09 PM
To: Phaedrus 

On 1/5/2024 1:34 AM, Carol McKay wrote:

salad dressing lake of the ozarks Blue Heron or Potted Steer

Hi Carol,

Both of these restaurants that were on or near The Lake of the Ozarks, were owned by Joe Boer, as well as the earlier Lefty's Steakhouse. I'm not certain, but it seems likely to me that Joe created or oversaw the creation of this popular house dressing, which was offered at both The Blue Heron and The Potted Steer. It was also bottled and sold.  After Joe passed away, the Blue Heron was closed.

I had no success finding a recipe, a copycat, or even a mention of a "tastes-like" dressing. I found an obscure mention that leads me to think that it might have been a poppy seed dressing, but I could not verify that. It may have been an unrelated remark about another dressing altogether.

If you are in the area of Macon, Missouri, you might want to visit The Pear Tree Kitchen & Bar at 1407 N Missouri St, Macon, MO. This restaurant also has a highly regarded house dressing. It is owned and operated by Michael Abdessa, whose father, A.J. Abdessa, worked with Joe Boer at The Blue Heron. A.J. left the The Blue Heron and opened his own restaurant, the original The Pear Tree in Bevier, MO. That restaurant was destroyed by fire, and A.J. and Michael opened A.J.'s Eat and Drink in Macon, MO at 1407 N. Missouri St. That location is now The Pear Tree Kitchen & Bar, owned by his son Michael Abdessa.

Another place that you should visit, if possible, is Jeffrey’s Prime Rib & Lobster in Osage Beach, Missouri. Jeff Super, the owner of this restaurant, was head chef at The Blue Heron for years. This one also has a highly regarded house dressing, and if anyone knows the recipe for Blue Heron's dressing, it would be Jeff Super. That doesn't mean that the dressing currently being served at Jeffrey's is exactly the same as the Blue Heron's, but Chef Super would surely know the Blue Heron recipe. If he is using it, he may even be bottling and selling it. If not, he almost certainly knows the recipe. It can't hurt for you to ask for it, although he has probably been asked about it dozens of times over the years.

The house dressing at neither of these restaurants may be a match for The Blue Heron's, but they are the best leads that I could find.

I'll post this for reader input.


This is great information, Phaed. Thank you for taking the time to research and 
respond. Yes, I bet it was a poppy seed variation (kinda sweet/sour). I appreciate 
the restaurant recommendations. I just discovered your blog through Pinterest. 
If you send out updates by email could you add me, please.