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Piccadilly Cafeteria Cheesecake

Re: Piccadilly restaurant cheesecake recipe
From: Gary 
Date: 12/29/2023, 3:15 PM
To: Phaedrus 

On 12/29/2023 10:34 AM, Gary wrote:

 I worked for Piccadilly cafeteria in two states as a kitchen manager 
 and I just don't have the breakdown to make one or two cheesecakes 
 instead of 10 or 12 like I used to when I was a professional Baker 
 chef sous chef and what have you I was just looking for an aunt of 
 mine wanting this recipe thank you

Hello Gary

I wish that I could help you, but I don't have and have not been able to find, a recipe for Piccadilly Cafeteria's cheesecake. I know what you mean about cutting those food service recipe down to size. I don't even try to do it. I have a copy of the Morrison's Cafeteria Kitchen Manual. If someone requests a Morrison's recipe, I send them the recipe from the Manual and if I have a "home version," I send that as well. If I don't have a home version of the recipe, I send them the Cafeteria version and tell them they'll have to cut it down themselves. I have the Morrison's cheesecake recipe, but it's for 7 cheesecakes and I don't know if it's even similar to Piccadilly's.

I will post this. Maybe one of my readers can help.


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