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Cushman's Bakery Marigold Cakes

Re: Cushman's Bakery Marigold
From: Liz
Date: 12/29/2023, 12:53 PM
To: Phaedrus 

On 12/29/2023 5:34 AM, Liz wrote:


My parents always talk about Cushman bakeries in NYC. 
I believe the last bakery closed in 1960.

There’s one specific item they mention which is the marigold cupcakes.

I’d love to find the recipe and recreate them!

Thank you! I love browsing your site. It’s a wonderful thing that you do! 
These recipes bring back so many memories for people.



 Hi Liz,

Glad you enjoy the site!

I have a dedicated page for Cushman's Bakery here: Cushman's Bakery

This is the fourth time that I have searched for the marigolds recipe.  I still am having no success.  Their recipes seem to have vanished when they closed in 1964, and I guess that no one has been able to duplicate the marigold recipe.

Happy New Year!


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