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B Altman Honey Loaf

Re: B Altman's Honey Cake
From: Fern
Date:12/19/2023, 8:19 AM
To: Phaedrus 

On 12/17/2023 10:37 PM, Fern wrote: 

B Altmans honey Cake

Hello Fern,

There are multiple requests, some many years old, on the web for B Altman's "honey bread", "honey loaf", and "honey cake." I don't know for sure, but I think these are all the same thing. Nobody appears to have this recipe. I cannot find any recipe or copycat recipe, or even a "tastes-like" for it, nor can I find a photo of it or even a detailed description of it.

I searched for this previously in 2012: 04-06-2012

The only lead that I can think of is the fact that the Altman family was of German-Jewish extraction, so perhaps this is a German or Jewish recipe. The name for Jewish honey cake appears to be "lekach." Since I never had Altman's honey bread/loaf/cake, I can't be any help finding the recipe unless the recipe actually says "B Altman's Honey Bread/Loaf /Cake Recipe" when I find it.

There are multiple German and Jewish recipes with those names "honey loaf," "honey bread," and "honey cake"on the web, but only someone familiar with the B Altman's product could say whether photos of any of them look like the B Altman product or whether any of the recipes seem similar.

Sorry I could not help. I'll post this for reader input.