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Dave and Busters Bananas Foster Pie

From: Gabrielle 
Sent: Thursday, November 24, 2016 4:22 AM
Subject: Dave and busters bananas foster pie


I have had this pie from dave and busters called bananas foster pie. It is the most delicious pie 
I've ever eaten and have looked for about 2 years for even a close copycat with no luck. Please help!


Hello Gabrielle,

Sorry, I had no more success than you. No recipes. No copycats. No “tastes-likes.”

There is a photo and a description here: Foodie Diaries

“Our version of a New Orleans classic. Chilled layers of banana pudding and vanilla butter sponge cake in a cinnamon graham pastry shell, layered with banana rum sauce and topped with freshly sliced bananas and warm caramel.”

Dave and Busters menu is here: Dave and Busters

Bananas Foster Pie (menu description)
Chilled banana pudding and vanilla sponge cake layered in a cinnamon-graham pastry with rum sauce and warm caramel.

I’ll post this for reader input, but it will be weeks before it appears on the site. I think it unlikely that anyone out there has this recipe except Dave and Buster employees who are probably sworn not to give it out.

There are other “bananas foster pie” recipes on the web, but I did not find any that looked like Dave and Busters’, or any that had the same ingredients.

Are you a skilled cook? If so, why not try to create something similar yourself? You’ll need to make the vanilla butter sponge cake, and banana rum sauce separately, then cook the pudding in the cinnamon graham pie shell.

There is a banana bread pudding with banana rum sauce recipe here: Banana Rum Sauce
Another one here:

A Bananas Foster bread pudding recipe here: Bananas Foster Bread Pudding

A vanilla sponge cake recipe here: Gretche's Bakery

There is a cinnamon graham pastry shell recipe here: Southern

Another one here: Betty Crocker

To do this would be entirely experimental. It would be a lot of cooking. You would have to be prepared for failure. On the other hand, even if your final product was not exactly like Dave and Busters’, it might be quite delicious in its own right A Bananas Foster Bread Pudding made with vanilla sponge cake instead of bread, with banana rum sauce, and warm caramel sauce, and cooked in a cinnamon graham pie shell might be close and might be quite tasty even if it’s not actually close.

If you try it, let me know what happens. If you create something similar to Dave and Busters’, send me the recipe.


Morrison's Cafeteria Turkey and Dressing

From: melissa 
Sent: Tuesday, November 22, 2016 9:43 PM
Subject: Morrison's recipes

Thank you soooooo much for these recipes. My Mom and I had a shopping day once a week and we always chose Morrison's 
no matter where we were in NW FL/S. AL. Beautiful memories!  What I am looking for is their plain dressing from the 
turkey and dressing. It had no rice, no pecans and just the tiniest bit sweet. To top off the fork tender turkey was 
the yellowish gravy. Anyone remember this? My other fave was the liver and onions and I'm so happy to know it was baked. 
Can't wait to try. See if my request rings any bells with anyone please. 
Thank You So Much,

Hello Melissa,

Please visit my Morrison’s page at: Morrison's Cafeteria

That page has a list of, and links to, all of the Morrison’s recipes that I have posted thus far. I have an actual Morrison’s Kitchen Manual from the 1950s – 1960s era,

and most of the recipes that I have posted are from that manual. They are cafeteria recipes and therefore most of the measurements are by weight, even the liquids.

Most of them are recipes for cafeteria quantities of food, not 4 to 6 serving home kitchen quantities. You will have to cut them down yourself.

There are a few (very few) Morrison’s recipes on my site that have been converted to cups & tablespoons, etc. by someone and have been cut down to home kitchen size.

I found those posted on the Internet like that. They are not from the Kitchen Manual and may or may not be authentic.

The actual Morrison’s recipe for their turkey and their gravy (and the corn bread for dressing) is here: 5-9-2016
The dressing recipe given there is for their pecan “Dressing Deluxe”, but see below for their other dressing recipe, which was “Celery Dressing.” This is from the Manual. It does not have rice or pecans. I do not see anything in it that would give it a slight sweet taste, but individual Morrison’s cooks often added things to the basic recipes that they considered an improvement. In this case, some locations may have added a bit of sugar. At any rate, the turkey and gravy recipe likely was the same whichever dressing they used.

All requests are posted for reader input, but it will be 2 to 4 weeks before it appears.


Morrison's Celery Dressing

Ingredient                Amount

Cooking Oil                2 lbs  8 ozs
Celery (diced)                2 lbs  8 ozs
Onions (diced)                2 lbs  8 ozs
Dressing Bread (dry weight)        1 lb
Corn Bread (cooked) *           3 lbs
Baking Powder                1-1/2 ozs
Raw Eggs                2 each
Stock (chicken or turkey)        6 lbs
Salt                     2 ozs
Black Pepper                1/2 oz

Place cooking oil in a saute pot. Heat. Add celery and allow to cook until approximately half done.
Add onions and cook until both vegetables are tender. Remove from heat.

Soak dressing bread in chicken stock until thoroughly wet. Then place in a colander and allow to drain off.
Place this in a large mixing bowl. Add the cooked corn bread by crumbling into small pieces. Sprinkle in
the baking powder. Blend thoroughly.

Break & blend in the 2 raw eggs into this mixture. Add salt & pepper to the chicken or turkey stock. Blend
with the bread mixture. Then add the cooked celery & onions. Mix thoroughly.

Put the above mixture in a #200 Steamtable Pan and Bake until browned. 

This recipe produces approximately 60 orders.
* For the corn bread recipe, see the link above.

James, a former Morrison's manager, says the slight sweetness was from the sugar in the corn bread.

Rich's Department Store Sweet Potato Pie

From: Guy 
Sent: Wednesday, November 23, 2016 1:01 PM
Subject: Rich's dept store sweet potato pie

Looking for the recipe for the Rich. Dept store sweet potato pie.



Hello Guy,

Sorry, I had no success finding this recipe. I’ll post the request on my site for reader input, but it will be a few weeks before it appears.


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