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Weird Characters

"Why does Safari and Firefox (the two browsers I have available on my iMac) replace, in some recipes, some sensible listed ingredient amount with things like an "omega" sign or a "degree" sign? I'm assuming it's some sort of Windows peculiarity that baffles the Cupertino crowd.
Might you post a key to the actual values for the use of those of us who find these mysterious symbols in a recipe, in one of your public responses?"

This appears to be a Mac vs PC thing rather than a browser thing. We also use the PC version of Firefox, and the problem does not occur. Some Windows fonts have a single ascii character for "1/2" and for "1/4" and for "3/4", and apparently your Mac does not, at least not using the same codes in the default font (character set). I did a "Search & Replace" for all the 2009 & 2010 pages, and hopefully that corrected the problem for this year's pages.

The "Omega" symbol is, as you say "1/2" The degree symbol "" is "1/4"

= 1/4
= 1/2
= 3/4

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