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Magazine and Newspaper Recipes

Folks, I get lots of requests for specific recipes from specific issues of magazines such as "Bon Appetit", "Gourmet", "McCall's", "Better Homes and Gardens", "Woman's Day", and the like. I don't read those publications, and I have no way to search for recipes from specific issues of magazines. I need the name of the recipe and as many ingredients as you can remember. I can't find it by knowing it was in the December, 1983 issue of Better Homes and Gardens. If the recipe is on the Internet at all, it may not mention the magazine at all. Once in a while, someone will post a recipe from a magazine and will tell which magazine they got it from, but that's a fairly rare occurence. Even if they do, I need the name of the recipe and some ingredients. Just knowing that it's a stuffing recipe and that it was in the December, 1983 issue of "Bon Appetit" is not enough information. If I find something like that, it will be 90% luck.

Most of the major magazines with recipes have websites and many have recipe archives on their sites. Please check them first. They are usually not indexed by the date that they appeared in the magazine, and they are not comprehensive, they don't include all of the recipes that have ever appeared in the magazine. There are a few sites that sell back issues of magazines. If you know the issue in which your recipe appeared, you can often find a copy of it for sale.

The fact that a recipe was printed in the food section of a newspaper like the "New York Times" or the "Chicago Tribune" or the "L.A. Times", etc. doesn't mean the recipe is going to be on the Internet. Even if it is on the Internet, it may have been posted on a message board, and the person posting it may or may not have written in their message that the recipe is from The "Boston Globe", etc. Some newspapers have archives on the Internet, but most of them don't go back very far, and some of them have fees for each article they let you download. You can usually forget calling or e-mailing the newspaper. Their employees don't have time or their employers' permission to go and search their archives for a recipe for you. There are some independent archives of newspapers on the Internet. They often charge a fee or a membership fee. Google News is a free one, and any pertinent article or recipe that it contains will usually show up in an ordinary Google search.

If you absolutely must have a recipe from a newspaper, your best bet is to find a public library newspaper that archives that particular newspaper and search the archived copies for the time period in which the recipe appeared. They are usually available on microfilm.

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