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Jerky, Kippered Beef, and Biltong

I do not send out recipes for these things. You can get food poisoning from improperly prepared jerky. Venison or other wild game jerky can be even more dangerous because it is sometimes butchered in a less sanitary manner than beef and may be contaminated with e. coli from the animal's feces. You must cook meat to 160 F and poultry to 165 F as measured with a food thermometer before dehydrating it, no matter what the instructions that came with your dehydrator say. Most home dehydrators never reach this temperature. Read this page before you attempt to make jerky:

Jerky and Food Safety

There are some links to recipes on other people's websites on these pages. Use any of these recipes at your own risk. I have not tried any of them and I am not personally recommending any of them.

I have not, by any means, tried all of the recipes that I place on this site or link to. I am not a cook;I am am a recipe finder. Many of these come from message boards, and I have no way to know if an ingredient or a step was left out by the person posting them. Not having tried the recipes myself, I cannot personally guarantee any of these recipes. I am not responsible if you spend money and time on one of these recipes and then it doesn't turn out to suit you. Read the recipes through and see if they make sense before you use them and test a recipe before you use it for processing a large quatity of product. If you find a recipe on the site with an error or omission, please let me know.

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