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Entenmann's Bakery

From Wikipedia:
In 1898, William Entenmann and his family moved to America to pursue his dream of establishing his own bakery. After some time spent working for others, William began experimenting with different recipes and soon quit his job and started his own bakery business in Brooklyn, New York, called Entenmann's. In the early years, William delivered the bread door-to-door by horse and carriage, later deciding to sell to local markets. Today, over 100 different items carry the Entenmann's brand. The brand is currently owned by Bimbo Bakeries USA

Entenmann's is a big commercial bakery. They make their products in large batches. There are no actual Entenmann's recipes available. The best you can hope for is a copycat or "tastes-like" recipe, and there don't appear to be many of those for Entenmann's products. These are my attempts, both successes and failures, at finding them:

Almond Danish Ring

Butter Cake

Cherry Squares (Tastes-Like)

Honey Cake

Louisiana Crunch Cake

Walnut Coffee Ring

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