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Electric Donut Maker Donuts

Want to buy an electric donut maker?

There are some used ones for sale on: EBay

There is a full-sized donut maker currently marketed by:
Walford, in the United Kingdom

There is an electric mini-donut maker for sale here:
Mini Donut Factory
and here:
King Arthur Flour

There is also a "Smart Planet" mini electric donut maker for sale at

I'm told that these recipes will also work in the QVC "Cook's Essential Cake Pops, Donut Holes, and Treat Maker".


Hamilton Beach Donut Maker
Hamilton Beach Donut Maker 2
Master Chef Donut Maker
Super 6 Donut Maker
Quick 6 Donut Maker Recipes
Dazey Donut Maker Recipes 1
Dazey Donut Maker Recipes 2
Dazey Donut Maker Recipes 3

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