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Eastern European and Balkan Recipes

A few tips:

I get lots of requests for recipes like this: "It's a Slovakian recipe for cabbage bread. The name sounds like 'ga-brotney'".

Well, once in a while, I go to a Slovakian recipe site and there it is: "gbrotne". However, much more often, I have no luck finding any Slovakian cabbage bread recipes or any Slovakian recipe that might sound like "ga-brotney." You can't search for something with the search engines by how someone says the name sounds. Spelling is usually critical. Sometimes I can hit upon it by trying a lot of alternate spellings.

Another thing about Eastern European recipes is this: Even though your grandmother may have been Slovakian, the only Internet recipe for what you're looking for may be listed on the web as a Czech recipe or a Slavic recipe, not a Slovak one. You may say it's Serbian, and when I find it, it's listed as Croatian. Even though Grandma was Hungarian, it may be on the Internet as a Yugoslavian recipe. Dishes and recipes cross borders and cultural boundaries often.

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