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D H Holmes

D. H. Holmes was a New Orleans department store and later a New Orleans-based chain of department stores. The company was founded in 1842 by Daniel Henry Holmes, after whom it is named. In 1849 he moved his headquarters to Canal Street, where he developed his first department store. [Wikipedia] The store's in-house restaurant was called "Potpourri". In 1989 D.H. Holmes was purchased by Dillard's.

The store issued a cook book called "Bayou Banquet: Recipes from a Potpourri of Cultures." However, the recipes in that cookbook are not the recipes that were used to make the dishes in DH Holmes' "Potpourri Restaurant." It is simply a cookbook of popular Louisiana recipes.

No Luck:

French Silk Pie
The Hulk Bar
Milk chocolate pecan clusters
Pecan Log candy
Pineapple & Cheese Salad
Salisbury Steak

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