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School cafeterias serve these, and kids love them. The main two flavors are chili crispitos and chicken crispitos, although there are others. People often ask me where they can buy them.
The problem is that Crispitos are a Food Service product made by Tyson Foods. They are only sold in case quantities to places like school cafeterias. They aren't sold in retail stores.See:
Tyson Foods

Market Day, a fund-raising organization, used to offer them as a fundraising product, but they now show them as "discontinued". See:

Some people have been able to get them by calling their local school cafeterias. Sometimes school cafeterias will sell you a few.
If not, then perhaps you can buy them by the case from Food Service Direct. See:
Food Service Direct

There is a recipe for "flautas" here, which may be similar:
Crispitos = Flautas?

Whole Foods Market has both "Beef Crispitos" and "Chicken Crispitos" for sale in the refrigerated/frozen foods cases.

Crispitos may be similar to, or the same as, what is called "fiesta sticks" in some school cafeterias:

  • Chili Fiesta Sticks

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