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Broasted Chicken

I get lots of requests for "broasted" chicken recipes. Here's the scoop:
"Broasting" is actually PRESSURE FRYING. That means frying under pressure in something similar to a pressure cooker. That "something similar" is a "pressure fryer". It's sort of a beefed-up pressure cooker made especially for pressure frying. If you want to buy one, look here:
Pressure Fryers/Broasters

Every so often, someone reads about how pressure frying began with someone using a little oil to fry chicken in an ordinary pressure cooker. They think "Why should I spend money for a pressure fryer when I've got the Mirro or Presto already?" So, they put a little oil in their pressure cooker and fry chicken in it under pressure. As long as their pressure cooker is in good condition, they may get away with it, but sometimes the rubber seal fails, and they're lucky if they don't get sprayed with hot oil. Ordinary pressure cookers are made for cooking under pressure with water. Pressure fryers are made for cooking under pressure with oil. Don't tempt fate.

Wearever Pressure Fried Chicken Recipe

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