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Bakery Recipes

Just a note here:
If you find something that you like at a bakery, ask the name of it and write it down. You aren't likely to have much luck searching on the Internet for "that strawberry pastry from Ned's Bakery in Claremont, Idaho."

Large bakeries make things in large quantities using commercial recipes and commercial ingredients. It won't do you any good to have their real recipe. What you want is a "home version" or a "copycat recipe".

Yes, there are a few recipes for products from bakeries on my site. No, most of these didn't come from the bakeries themselves. These are copycat recipes. These bakeries were bigger than neighborhood bakeries. They were in big cities and were institutions in those cities. They are often childhood memories for thousands of people. and that's why someone took the time to create copycat recipes and place them on the Internet.

I don't have any "secret source" for recipes from restaurants and bakeries that are currently in operation. If you've Googled it thoroughly, and if you've seen posts on message boards from people looking for the same recipe with no succcessful responses, then you've already covered the ground that I would cover. Please don't waste my time. Time to face the fact that the place doesn't give out their recipes and no one has created a copycat. Sad, perhaps, but often true. I may be able to help you find a recipe for something similar, but probably not from your specific bakery.

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My attempts at bakery recipes are linked below. To find a recipe by the recipe name instead pof the bakery name, type the recipe name in the search box above and click on the search button or use the alphabetical index.

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