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Back of the Box Recipes

I get lots of recipe requests like this one: "the cake recipe from the back of the Soft as Silk cake flour box in the 1970s", or the brownies recipe that was on the Hershey's cocoa can in 1955", etc., etc.

It seems that I have sort of a reputation for being able to find these, but, for me, they're no different from the other recipes that I find for people. I know of no website that has a database of past recipes from the backs of bags and boxes and cans. Most product websites, such as the Hershey's website and the Soft as Silk flour website don't have archives of all the recipes that have appeared on their packages, and most people seem to have found writing to those companies to be futile. Also, when people put a recipe on the Internet, they often don't say "I got this recipe from the Hershey's cocoa can in 1960."

There are a some websites, such as this one, that specialize in brand name recipes:

Back of the Box

However, that site doesn't have archives of recipes that were on certain product packages in years past. It appears to have only recent ones. Try them if the recipe you want is fairly recent.

To find a brand-name recipe on my site, type the brand name in the search box above and click on the search button.

Note that, when an individual puts a recipe on the Internet, they often omit brand names for the ingredients. Instead of saying "SoftasSilk Cake Flour", they'll just say "cake flour", etc. Therefore, you have to identify the correct recipe by other, unique things in the recipe. For instance, if you're looking for a "chicken paprikash" recipe that was once on the Mueller's egg noodles box, first you look for chicken paprikash recipes that call for Mueller egg noodles. If that fails, then you have to look for chicken paprikash recipes that call for just "egg noodles" or just "noodles" and that match the Mueller's recipe in other ways - ingredients or method.

If you want me to find a recipe like this for you, then you're going to have to tell me these unique ingredients or method so that I can try to locate it for you.

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