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Sir Pizza Spaghetti Sauce

Subject: Sir Pizza
From: Phyllis
Date: 8/15/2021, 4:27 PM

On 8/15/2021 3:35 PM, Phyllis wrote:

In the 1970s, our family frequently ate spaghetti at Sir Pizza in NC. 
Back then they used a browner spaghetti sauce where now they use the 
red spaghetti sauce. Could it have maybe been more of a chili spaghetti 
back then.  It was so good! I have looked online and have failed to 
find the recipe they used back then.
Thank you.

Hi Phyllis,

Sorry, I had no success with this search.

"Sir Pizza" began in Lafayette, Indiana as "Pizza King." Their restaurants in Indiana are still called "Pizza King". "Sir Pizza" was begun as a separate chain when they expanded outside of Indiana. I could not find any mention of the brown spaghetti sauce you describe connected with either chain, no mention of a previous spaghetti sauce at all.

I'll post this. Perhaps a reader can help.


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