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Termini Brothers' Chocolate Bananas

Re: Termini Brothers' Chocolate bananas
From: Pauline
Date: 8/11/2021, 3:53 PM

On 8/11/2021 2:24 PM, Pauline wrote:

Hello Phaedrus!  Thanks for your impressive detective work.  I am hoping you can help me 
find a recipe to use to recreate a specialty made by Termini Brothers Bakery of Philadelphia.  
They make a concoction consisting of half a banana placed on top of an amaretto cookie with 
buttercream and raspberry preserves, the whole of which is dipped in dark chocolate. Much of 
the process is obvious,  but I cannot find a good recipe for the cookie base. I did find a 
video on Facebook of them putting these together, but no recipe is available as far as I can 
tell. Your help would be greatly appreciated, as 7 hours each way is too far to drive to go 
get one! 

Here's the FB video: Facebook  

Thank you so much


Hi Pauline,

Sorry, I had no success. I could not find a clue about how to make amaretti cookies that taste like Termini Brothers'.

Bakery recipes are problematic. Bakeries don't give out their recipes, and it's difficult to make copycat recipes for them because they make them in large quantities using bulk ingredients. The chocolate and the raspberry preserves are most likely food service products, not made in-house. There are lots of French buttercream recipes on the web.

The best advice I can give you is to go to Google and search, using - bakery amaretti cookies recipe - as your search terms. When you find a likely recipe, try it. Trial and error is the only way that I know for you to attempt to duplicate the Termini Brothers product.

I will post this for reader input. Maybe one of my readers can help with the cookies. Maybe someone has already gone through this process or maybe someone knows of an amaretti cookies recipe that tastes to them like the Termini Brothers' cookies.


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