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Cat's Meow Salmon Pasta Salad

Subject: Cat's Meow recipe
From: Karen
Date: 7/30/2021, 9:29 AM

On 7/29/2021 11:35 PM, Karen wrote:

I loved The Cat's Meow of Zanesville, Ohio's Salmon Pasta Salad. It was served 
with various vegetables and fruits on the platter. I've tried and tried to get 
the salad right and haven't.
Any ideas?
Thank you!

Hello Karen,

I'm puzzled. I cannot find any mention at all of a restaurant named "The Cat's Meow" in Zanesville, Ohio. There have been restaurants by that name in other states & cities, such as the popular one in Mannheim, PA, but I can find no mention of one in Zanesville. I also cannot find any mention of "salmon pasta salad" from any restaurant named "The Cat's Meow" in any city or state.

I'll post this for reader input, but it's unusual that I can't find any mention of this restaurant.


 I went there a lot when working in Zanesville in the early 90s 
I don't know who owned it or would go to the family directly
It was a very small place, off the beaten path. Was frilly and fun - 
kinda a tea room feel. Always delicious food - great chicken salad too. 
They didn't have "entrees" per se but choice of a few salads but each plate 
was laden with tons of vegetables and fruits and then the salad one ordered 
which was generally a meat based salad (probably some were vegetarian but since 
I'm not vegetarian, don't remember)

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