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Spirito's Sauce, New Jersey Gravy

Subject: JJJersey, Spiritos Sauce
From: Bull
Date: 6/13/2021, 12:23 PM

On 6/12/2021 4:42 PM, Bull wrote:

NNNext up... JJJersey, Spiritos Sauce 

Hello Bull,

There ya go again. I think ya mean New Jersey gravy from Spirito's Italian Diner in Elizabeth, NJ. For those who don't know, in New Jersey they call red pasta sauce "gravy" or "New Jersey gravy". Bull, do ya really think Spirito ever told anybody his secret gravy recipe??? No recipes, no copycats that I can find. You can try the recipes on these sites. Might be close:

Sunday Gravy

Jersey Sunday Dinner Gravy

This one is a marinara sauce, but at least it's got the name in it: Marinara di Spirito


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