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Sandy's Hamburgers' HiLo Burger

Subject: Sandys Hi lo recipe
From: Rose
Date: 5/1/2021, 1:29 PM

On 5/1/2021 12:03 PM, Rose wrote:

I would like the recipe for the
Sandy’s Hi Lo hamburgers

thank you

Hello Rose,

Sandy's Hamburgers was a popular chain in the sixties and seventies, mostly in the Midwest. Their specialty burgers were the "HiLo" and the "Big Scot." There were no Sandy's where I grew up, so I never got a chance to try them.

I have the Sandy's "Big Scot" sauce recipe here: 4-8-2019

Rose, I cannot find anything about the "HiLo" except for a brief description saying that it was a double cheeseburger -  bun, two hamburger patties with a slice of melted cheese between them, mustard, lettuce, tomato, dill pickle. There is nothing special about that - there's no mention of a "special sauce" on the "HiLo."  If Sandy's was like most hamburger drive-in establishments of that era, there was nothing special about their hamburger patties except possibly that they may have been flame-broiled, as I believe Burger Chef's were. The meat was likely just commercial hamburger patties, bought in bulk. Maybe reconstituted dehydrated onions cooked with the patty. So, I don't know what would be in a recipe that would make a HiLo different from any other double cheeseburger.

I did find this on a message board, someone's description of how they made their own HiLo's: Butternut Burger Buns, Tone’s onions, and American cheese slices! This might indicate that specific brands of ingredients were made the "HiLo" special and different from other double cheeseburgers. If you can find those brands, you can give it a try using them.

There is a lot of discussion of Sandy's on these message boards:

Facebook: Remembering Sandy's DriveIn

In The 70s

Sandy's Cincinnati

You might try posting on that Facebook page - ask what made the HiLo special.


Thanks, I'll check them out.
I remember the HiLo so well but maybe what made them special was the fact 
there were very few restaurants like them.
Thank you for looking into this for me I greatly appreciate it

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