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Mint Spritz Cookies

Subject: Request for help locating a recipe
From: Alyce
Date: 4/26/2021, 3:41 PM

On 4/26/2021 12:11 PM, Alyce wrote:

I have been trying to locate two recipes for many years. Both were available in 
the Trenton, NJ area.

The other is for a mint  spritz cookie. It came with a metal cookie press that I 
purchased in the early 70’s. It believe it was made by a company in NJ called Elpo 
Industries in NJ. It was in a little yellow recipe book. Any help you might provide 
me would be greatly appreciated.   

Hi Alyce,

I cannot find any mention of a cookie press made by ELPO. Elpo did make some items for baking, but I cannot find a cookie press made by them, even on E-Bay or other antique/collectibles sites. However, MIRRO has been making cookie presses for many years, and at least one year, the recipe booklet that they provided was yellow. See the photo  below.

I did find a mint spritz cookie recipe that says it is from the Mirro cookie press recipe booklet: Mint Spritz Cookies


Thank you so much for the information and your quick response. I really appreciate it. 
The recipe book is one that I had for about forty years and somehow, it was lost so I 
truly appreciate your efforts. And I have been searching for the other recipe off and 
on since 2002 but will not give up. The cake simply delicious.
All the best, 

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