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Covid Vaccination

Subject: Covid-19 Vaccination
From: Delia
Date: 5/4/2021, 5:05 PM

On 5/1/2021 5:03 PM, Delia wrote:

I have a question for you that's not a recipe. I hope it's not too
personal. If you don't want to answer it, then just delete it.
I'll understand.

My question is - Did you get a Covid-19 vaccination? Which kind?
Did you have any side effects? Do you think it's really necessary 
to get the shots?

thank you

Hi Delia,

I don't mind. It's a good question.

I got the first Moderna vaccination in January. Except for a slightly sore arm for a couple of days, I had no side effects from the first shot. I got the second shot in February. I had chills and joint aches with it for a couple of days, but I think it was well worth it.

I think the only way we're going to finally get past this pandemic is by vaccinating as many people as we possibly can. I have read and fact-checked everything that I could find about the covid vaccine and I don't believe any of the vaccine disinformation that's out there.


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