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Gimbel's Orange Torte

Subject: Orange torte
From: Jeri
Date: 4/8/2021, 7:39 AM

On 4/7/2021 5:22 PM, Jeri wrote:

This is a great service you are providing, I hope you can find this recipe.

It was called a orange torte with a lemon filling.  It had many layers and 
was in the shape of a square.  The frosting was like a butter cream with 
some grated orange rind mixed in.  It was a light orange color.

We used to purchase it at Gimbels department store in downtown Milwaukee 
Wisconsin in the 50 and 60's.  Gimbels and another Milwaukee store joined 
together to form Gimbels-Schusters, so it may have come from either name.

My father used to always stop by and buy one for our family which quickly 
became a favorite family tradition.  Unfortunately the torte, store and my 
father are no longer here, but I would love to try and make this recipe in 
order to continue with my sister, our children and now our grandchildren a 
special family memory and tradition.

I appreciate your searching, and questions, please contact me.

Good luck! 

Hi Jeri,

While there is a lot of nostalgia on the web about Gimbels, I cannot find any mention at all of the Orange Torte. Sorry.

The only Gimbels recipe that I can find is for "Hearts of Gold". See:  JS Online

There is a book about Gimbels called "Gimbels Has It!" that has a chapter of recipes from Gimbels "Tasty Town" restaurant, but I do not know if the one for Orange Torte is in it. See: Gimbel's Has It! I will post this for reader input. Perhaps one of my readers can help.


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