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Belgica Tart Recipe

Subject: Belgica Tart
From: Renata
Date: 11/1/2020, 10:31 AM

On 11/1/2020 7:32 AM, Renata wrote:

I was doing a search for my daughter regarding the Belgica Tart 
and found correspondence between yourself and Dom in 2014. You 
were correct in thinking that the Belgica Tart was created by 
the Vanslembrouck family in Durban, South Africa.

My grandparents (Joseph and Agnes) owned the Belgica Hotel and 
my father (Hugo) was the head chef of their Rubenshof restaurant 
at the hotel. Right next door was the family bakery named 
"Cest si Bon" and this is where the Belgica Tart was created.

Unfortunately my father passed away 3 years ago and my uncle 
(Werner, who also worked in the family business) passed away in 
December. I was a young girl when they closed the business to 
concentrate on Arriba Chocolates and the exact recipe has passed 
with them.

If my mum is able the find the recipe in my dadís handwriting I 
will gladly share it with you.

Kind regards
Renata F. (Vanslembrouck)

Hello Renata,

Thanks for writing! I would love to have the original recipe. When I read your email, my curiosity was stimulated, so I searched the web to see if I could find any new information about the Belgica tart. I was surprised to find two recipes on Facebook, plus a scan of an old newspaper clipping of a recipe that was printed in the "Natal Mercury." See these pages:

Durban Down Memory Lane: Natal Mercury recipe

Keenan Blake's Kitchen

Granny Mouses House/Ouma Muis se Huis

That previous correspondence is at: 11-07-2014


Hello Phaed

Many thanks for helping me. I think the Durban Down Memory Lane is the correct one. 
My dad never put rolled oats in the topping as in the other recipes.
One of our retired bakers is still alive and lives in Belgium. My mum will contact 
him and ask whether he recognises the recipe.

Kind Regards

Renata F

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