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Ja Fa Fa Hots Sauce

Subject: ja fa fa hots hot dog sauce
From: melvin
Date: 8/18/2022, 4:17 PM

On 8/18/2022 12:47 PM, melvin wrote:

Hello Uncle Phaedrus:

I have been trying without luck to locate a recipe for a hot dog sauce.

It is called Ja Fa Fa sauce and was served at a hot dog stand in Cheektowaga NY, 
called Ja Fa Fa Hots. It was owned by Florence and Nelson Chisei (not sure of 
spelling). I can remember this sauce when I was a little boy ( I am now 76).  
If I remember correctly it was a meatless sauce, 

I would appreciate it if you can find the recipe somehow. I have exhausted all 
my search ability. 

Many thanks,

Hello Melvin,

I did not find any recipes for Ja Fa Fa's sauce. I did find a few articles reminiscing about their hot dogs.

After 60 years at the corner of Harlem Road at Maryvale Drive in Cheektowaga, a suburb of Buffalo, Ja Fa Fa Hots closed in 2006. The owners were Michael and Mary Ann Zylka, who continued the place for a while as a take-out pizza parlor.

I have a few "Texas Hots" recipes and upstate New York hot dog sauce recipes on my site, but they either contain ground beef or chopped up hot dogs. See this page for links to all of the various recipes that I have for hot dog sauce:  Hot Dogs

I will post this for reader input. Maybe one of my readers can help.


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