B Altman Brownies & Raffetto's Brandied Peaches
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B Altman Brownies & Raffetto's Brandied Peaches

Re: B Altman's Iced Walnut Brownie recipe and 
From: Grace
Date: 8/17/2023, 8:43 AM
To: Phaedrus 

On 8/16/2023 9:22 PM, Grace wrote:

The name of the brand also from Altman's, that sold brandied White Peaches. Both out of this world. 

Thank you!  Grace 

Hello Grace,

I've been searching for that brownie recipe for 10 years. No luck - still no recipe available. Nothing on brandied "white" peaches, either - no mention at all.

There is a recipe for "brandied peaches"(Not B Altman's and not white) here: 1951 Brandied Peaches

I'll post this for reader input.


On 8/17/2023 12:05 PM, Grace wrote:

In the shower last night I finally remembered the peach brand. It's Raffetto. 
Thank you for help hunting down this brownie recipe with me.


There is a Raffetto's Specialty Italian Grocery at 144 West Houston Street, Manhattan, NY 10012(212) 777-1261
However, they don't have any brandied peaches listed on their site. I don't think it is the same Raffetto's, but they might be related.

There is an antique "Raffetto's Brandied Peaches" barrel here: Worthpoint

The old packing company that had the brandied white peaches seems to have been G. B. Raffetto. Inc., Packers, at 408-12 13 Street, NY, NY. A company called "Ultimate Gourmet, LLC" owns the brand name, but that seems to be a dead end. No active website.


I did see the barrel. Not sure what those would be like but then again it's 
the nostalgia of it for some. 

Thank you for the store info. Too bad the company folded. Such great products. 
So now I know why I haven't seen the brandied white peaches. 

But the hunt for the brownie recipe continues. 

I once tracked a Butterscotch climbing roses for over 10 years and finally 
found one. So there's hope for the brownies. ??????


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