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Chart House Baked Scallops

Re: Chart House Baked scallops with cheese
From: Will
Date: 8/2/2023, 10:09 AM
To: Phaedrus 

On 8/1/2023 10:42 PM, Will wrote:

In 1979, at the Chart House in Baltimore, MD, I had a delicious dish of baked scallops. 
Can you find the recipe?

Papa G

Hello Will,

The success of my searches can hinge on very small, seemingly unimportant bits of information...

Chart House is a restaurant chain owned by Landry's that has and that previously had quite a few locations. There may have been variation in the dishes served at different Chart House locations. The most recent iteration of Chart House in the Baltimore area appears to be in Annapolis. I could not find anything about one being in Baltimore in 1979.

"Baked Scallops" is not much to go on. Was there any more to the name of the dish? Or can you give me more description of the dish? What kind of cheese, etc.?

The only mentions of a scallop dish from Chart House that I can find are these:

"Pan Seared Scallops", which is a rather common way of preparing scallops, but not baked.
"Peach Bourbon Scallops", in which the scallops are glazed with a peach & bourbon glaze (the ingredients of the glaze are available).
"Scallops Italia", which is sauteed scallops with Italian vegetables.

None of these appear to be your "Baked Scallops" from 1979.

I will post this. Perhaps one of my readers can help with more description, if not a recipe.


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