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A Particular Chicken Goujons Recipe

Subject: Chicken goujons with lemon yogurt dipping sauce
From: Jim
Date: 8/8/2022, 8:26 AM

On 8/7/2022 10:18 PM, Jim wrote:

I had this recipe by the mid 90's, so it was probably from somewhere 
between 1980's to 97 at the latest. It was in a generic cookbook with 
a random name like 509 chicken recipes, chicken round the world, 365 
days of chicken.  It called for cutting chicken into strips coating 
in flour dipping in milk, flour egg, bread crumbs ( either the flour 
or bread crumbs had ground coriander) it was then deep fried and served 
with a dip made of yogurt. I still have the contents of the dip: 
1-1/4 C of yogurt, 2 Tb lemon juice, 4Tb chopped fresh coriander 
( cilantro) 4Tb chopped fresh parsley. It was served with sliced lemon 
wedges as a garnish
Things it wasn't : Baked, low fat, keto, healthy
It did not have: mayonnaise, parmesan cheese, tzatziki sauce, cucumber, 
dill, cayenne, cumin, mustard in any form I do not think it had any form 
of garlic but if it did it was powdered and in the breadcrumbs.I believe 
it was just plain bread crumbs not fresh or panko
It was not Indian, or Greek.
I really thought it was called lemon chicken goujons with dipping sauce, 
but there was no lemon in the chicken other than to garnish it, and when 
I tried to not right yogurt dipping sauce everything came up mayo based
I thought it was from England or Ireland.
If you can find this you are a genius and a miracle worker

Hello Jim,

Sorry, I was not successful in finding a recipe that matched your description precisely.

The closest that I found was this one: Chicken Goujons However, it has cumin. Other than that, it appears to match your description rather well, particularly the dip ingredients.

I will post this for reader input.


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