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Homemade Cookbook

Subject: Homemade cookbooklet
From: Sandra
Date: 7/30/2022, 6:46 AM

On 7/29/2022 11:36 AM, Sandra wrote:

Hi Phaed,

I recently received a note from a friend in OK, asking if I 
could help find a homemade cookbook (about 5x7) that she got 
years ago, from a lady named Rayne. It had a yellow cover and 
was stapled, with recipes inside.
She has misplaced her copy and wondering if that same lady 
would have more. She said it was on your site. That's all 
I have to go on, but curious if the lady still looks at your 
site still. Thank you for any info on it, if possible.


Hi Sandy,

Well, I cannot recall any such cookbook, and a search of my site does not turn up any post including the name "Rayne" or the terms "homemade cookbook" or "homemade recipe book". There is no way for me to search for it by a description of what it looks like. I did try a google images search for a yellow "homemade cookbook", but the only yellow cookbook that Google found was not homemade and was not by someone called "Rayne."

If your friend can recall the names of particular recipe from it, that might help. If she is looking for a specific recipe from that book and can give some details specific to that recipe, then I might be able to locate that recipe, either on my site or elsewhere.


Thank you, Phaed. I will share this email with her and see if 
she can remember more about it or certain recipes in it. 
I love your site and check it everyday to see what's new.

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