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Pizza Hut Sub Sandwich Dressing

Re: Pizza Hut Dressing
From: Virginia
Date: 7/17/2023, 11:57 AM
To: Phaedrus 

On 7/17/2023 9:45 AM, Virginia wrote:

I think this was back in the Ď80s when Pizza Hut had an Italian Submarine Sandwich on
their menu and it was delicious. Since then Iíve tried to come up with the dressing 
recipe for that Sub but no luck. 
Thanks, Virginia† 

Hello Virginia,

If we're talking about the same sandwich, then from everything I can find out, the dressing was "creamy Italian dressing," and it was made for Pizza Hut by a company named "Yum Brands." Yum Brands also owns Pizza Hut. That means that the dressing was made in a commercial facility, not at the local restaurants, and it would have been made in large quantities using commercial ingredients. The commercial recipe is not available and it would be difficult to cut down for use in a home kitchen.

There are dozens of copycat recipes on the Internet for Pizza Hut's Creamy Italian Dressing. You can find them with Google. Todd Wilbur, the copycat recipe expert, claims his version passed taste tests. His recipe is here: Top Secret Recipes

There are other copycat recipes here:

Pizza Hut Subs

A food service company called "Bonne Chere" claims that their creamy Italian dressing tastes exactly like Pizza Hut's. See:

Bonne Chere


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