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Rice-a-Roni Herb and Butter

Re: Rice-a-Roni Herb and Butter flavor
From: Virginia
Date: 7/11/2023, 6:06 AM
To: Phaedrus 

On 7/10/2023 4:13 PM, Virginia wrote:

I tried searching both the Internet using Google and your site for a recipe 
for the Herb and Butter variety of Rice-a-Roni and haven't found anything. 
I have a reasonable facsimile of the regular Rice-a-Roni, but the Herb and 
Butter variety is different somehow. Any ideas?


Hello Virginia,

There are copycat recipes online for regular Rice-a-Roni and Chicken Rice-a-Roni, but I had no success finding one for the Herb and Butter version. The key is, of course, the herbs or spices. The ingredients list on the box just says "spices" (as usual), so there is no clue except taste, and it's difficult to determine the ingredients in a spice mixture by taste alone. That's likely the main reason why there is no copycat recipe online for this product, and no recommendations for a "tastes-like."

Kroger sells a knock-off of Rice-a-Roni called "Pasta-Roni". They have an "Herb and Butter" version. If you can get it, you might try it and see whether it's close.

If you want to start with a copycat regular Rice-a Roni recipe and try to modify it to taste like the Herb & Butter version, there are recipes here:

Daring Gourmet

The Salted Pepper

I have no other suggestions. I'll post this for reader input.


Thanks for trying! I've got a copycat close approximation of the regular version, 
so yes, I'll probably try experimenting. When I was Googling, some of the copycat 
recipes I found had some basil and oregano in them and that's probable, as is parsley. 
If I do that and just up the butter, that might be close.


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