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George's Cafeteria Enchiladas

Re: Enchiladas from George's Cafeteria, Coffeyville, KS
From: RA
Date: 6/4/2022, 7:03 PM

On 6/4/2022 5:57 PM, RA wrote:

 I have been trying to hunt down the recipe for enchiladas 
 from George's Cafeteria in Coffeyville, KS. The enchiladas 
 were a weekly special. They featured corn tortillas wrapped 
 around a chili-like sauce with cheddar and I think Monterey 
 Jack cheese.  The best part was the enchilada sauce. It was 
 a thick, white, creamy sauce, not spicy but it was covering 
 the top of the enchiladas along with more of the chili-like 
 sauce on the inside, green onions and cheddar cheese sprinkled 
 over the top. They were intensely flavorful and we craved them!
 Any help would be so appreciated!


Hello RA,

Please give your first name when you request a recipe.

I cannot find any mention at all of the enchiladas from George's Cafeteria in Coffeyville, KS. Their "Oh So Good Pie" recipe is online, but nothing else in any of my resources.

I will post this for reader input.


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