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Jason's Tavern California Chicken

Re: Jason's Tavern
From: Emmie
Date: 6/28/2023, 4:44 PM
To: Phaedrus 

On 6/27/2023 12:43 PM, Emmie wrote:

Jason’s Tavern
Patriot Square Plaza
500 Route 134
South Dennis, Massachusetts 

The above-mentioned restaurant served chicken dish with pasta. It was and
still is one of my favorite meals. Unfortunately, they haven’t served it 
in quite some time. I would so much love to have this recipe to make for 
my family. Anything you could do I would be so thankful.



Hi Emmie,

If a restaurant serves more than one pasta dish with chicken, which Jason's Tavern does, then you have to tell me which dish you want. The Jason's menus that I can find have: "Chicken Alfredo" - sliced chicken in a white Alfredo sauce over fettuccine, "Chicken Parmigiana", which is a cooked chicken breast with Parmesan cheese and red tomato sauce over your choice of pasta, and "California Chicken", medallions of fresh chicken sautéed in garlic with glazed onions in a Dijon- Teri sauce served over linguine. They also have a rotating menu of specials, some of which may be yet another chicken & pasta dish.

Which is it?


On 6/28/2023 8:37 AM, Emmie wrote:

California Chicken is the recipe I am interested in. I am besides myself for not 
mentioning the name even though I knew the name.  Have a wonderful day.

Hi Emmie,

Not a problem.

The best menu description of this dish that I could find is this one:

"California Chicken"
"Medallions of Panko encrusted chicken sautéed in garlic with
caramelized onion in a Dijon-teri sauce over linguine."

I'm sad to say that I had no success at all finding a recipe, or a copycat recipe, or even a "tastes-like" recipe for the Jason's Tavern California Chicken dish. Dishes called "California Chicken" are quite common on the web, but most of them contain avocado and are either salads or sandwiches, which Jason's is not.  I looked for recipes called "California Chicken" without any connection to Jason's Tavern, but I had no success finding one that fit the menu description.

But don't despair... This dish appears to be one of Jason's Tavern's "specials" that appears on their menu on an "off and on" rotating basis, so it will most likely be back before long. Jason's Tavern has a Facebook Page at: Jason's Tavern
Their "California Chicken" is mentioned on that page several times. If you send them a direct message there and tell them how much you like their "California Chicken", they may not send you a recipe, but they might tell you when the dish will be on their menu again.

If you care to experiment, you might look at some of the Panko-crusted sauteed chicken recipes that are on the web and add some garlic and caramelized onions (if they aren't already in the recipe). There are several "Dijon-teriyaki sauce" recipes on the web as well, and you can try one of those, adjusting it to match your memory of the Jason's Tavern sauce and serve the chicken with the sauce over linguine. You might get close... If you try, let me know how it turns out.

If you aren't that daring, then you'll probably have to wait until Jason's has the dish again, unless one of my readers who has had the California Chicken at Jason's Tavern actually has the recipe and will share it with us or unless someone can send us a recipe that they know from experience "tastes-like" the Jason's "California Chicken."


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