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Bauhof's or Louise's Bakery

Re: Bauhof or Louise's Bakery
From: Carlyn
Date: 6/13/2023, 1:33 PM
To: Phaedrus 

On 6/13/2023 11:17 AM, Carlyn wrote:

My grandfather, great-grandfather, and great-uncle owned and operated 
Bauhof Bakery in Woodlawn MD from opening until the mid/late 90s, when 
they had to sell it after my grandfather had some health issues. 
As part of the sale, they had to include the original recipes. The new 
owners kept the Bauhof name for a short time, then sold the bakery again, 
and it became Louise’s Bakery. Louise’s closed a while ago and the bakery 
has been vacant for years, but still has some of the signage out front. 
My husband and I have been searching for any recipes from the bakery and 
have tried every route we can think of, but no luck. We’ve contacted Louise, 
the owner of the lot next door to the bakery, extended family, etc. and no 
one seems to know where the recipes might be. I found your information on 
Reddit and I’m hoping you can help! It would mean so much to me and my family. 
Thank you so much,

Hello Carly,

I can't find any recipes at all that mention Bauhof's Bakery or Louise's Bakery in Woodlawn, Maryland( or Baltimore) at 2105 Gwynn Oak Avenue. I found several complimentary mentions of the bakery, particularly of their donuts and their peach cake, but nothing about their recipes or what might have happened to their recipes.

William Bauhof's obituary says this:
"...William C. 'Bill' Bauhof, beloved husband of the late Rita Jane Bauhof. Devoted father of W. Bradley Bauhof, Nicole Bauhof Sewell and Robert Bauhof. Also survived by 4 grandchildren and a brother."

If you have checked with those people, particularly whoever inherited his possessions, and their descendants - particularly those 4 grandchildren - and the "brother's" family, then you have done due diligence in that direction.

Finally, if you have checked with the owners and operators of Louise's Bakery and their families, then you have exhausted that possibility. You say that the bakery was sold yet again - Have you checked with whoever bought it? - Whoever operated it last as a bakery before it closed for good?

If you have done all of these things, then I have no other suggestions. Locating bakery recipes is always problematic. Bakery recipes are often adapted to the demands of a particular bakery and bakers and bakery owners rarely give their recipes to outsiders at all. They might be passed down within a family or they might be passed along to the new owners of the bakery, as you say Bauhof's were, but other than these there is no place, under ordinary circumstances, in which a bakery's recipes might be retained.

I will post this for reader input.


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