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A Particular Cornbread Dressing

Re: request for 1960s central Georgia cornbread dressing
From: Patricia
Date: 5/19/2023, 2:06 PM
To: Phaedrus 

On 5/19/2023 11:43 AM, Patricia wrote:

Would you please be so kind as to email me the recipe for cornbread
dressing using Pepperidge Farm herb stuffing mix and lots of
seasoning, especially sage, that was made in central Georgia during
the 1960s.  Many, many thanks. Patricia, Tampa, FL

Hello Patricia,

Well, I can send you a link to a cornbread dressing recipe that has those ingredients, but I cannot send you one that was "made in central Georgia in the 1960s." I could not find a recipe that said that. When people post recipes on the web, 99% of the time they just don't post comments like that. See these sites for cornbread dressing recipes with Pepperidge Farm herb stuffing mix and sage:


The Kitchen

Southern Living


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