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Harry Horne's Barbecue Sauce

Subject: Harry Hornes BBQ Sauce
From: John
Date: 4/20/2020, 12:18 PM

On 4/20/2020 8:52 AM, john wrote:

Looking for the recipe along with hundreds other of this BBQ sauce. It was 
made for French's by Select Foods out of Toronto. They discontinued it last 
year because it couldn't compete with the hundreds of other sauces on the 
grocery shelves. It was quite unique as it had more of a tomato taste to it. 
Great on chicken. There is a lot of requests to bring it back but to no avail.  
Can you help?

Hello John,

I wish that I could offer something positive.

Horne's BBQ Sauce, primarily sold in Canada, was distributed by Select Foods up until it was discontinued about a year ago. See: Bayview News

No one is making it now. Any residual supplies have been scooped up and are gone. I searched, but I could not find any recipe to make a homemade version and no recommendation of another bbq sauce as tasting similar. I saw those other requests and read that Select Foods was still receiving mail about it, but they apparently do not feel it is worthwhile to bring back the product.

There is a website for a "Horne's BBQ Sauce" here: Horne's Barbecue Sauce

However, that appears to be a completely different product made by a family named Horne. No connection to "Harry Horne's", which appears to have been a Canadian company with multiple products in past years.

I will post this for reader input


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