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Eberhardt's Chocolate Chip Cookies

Re: Eberhardt's chocolate chip cookies
From: Michael
Date: 2/22/2022, 8:27 AM

On 2/11/2022 9:22 PM, Michael wrote:

I loved Eberhardt’s Chocolate Chip Cookies, back in the day,

Any info??

It was located on the 4900 block of N. Broad St,


Hello Michael,

You didn't say what city you were talking about, but it appears that you are referring to Eberhardt's Bakery that was at 4945 N. Broad St in Philadelphia, Pa. I believe that the area is known also as "Logan." There was also an "Eberhardt's Bakery" in Tarrytown, NY and one in New Canaan, CT.

I found only two mentions of Eberhardt's Bakery in Philadelphia on the web. One was a post on a Facebook page called "Old Images of Philadelphia" that mentioned Eberhardt's butter cake. It was here: Old Images of Philadelphia

The other is a 1946 quote from Frank Eberhardt's statement(owner of Eberhardt's Bakery) to the U.S. Congress regarding shortages of cake flour and other ingredients due to World War Two, which is found here: Google Books

That's it. I could not find any other mention of Eberhardt's at all, and no mention at all of their chocolate chip cookies. I'm thinking that it's been too long a time for there to be much on the web. However, someone out there might know something about the bakery and their cookies. I will post this for reader input.


Thank you !  
i can still taste those "melt in your mouth " cookies 70 years ago

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