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Rosemary Beet Biscuits

Subject: rosemary beet biscuits
From: brandy
Date: 2/1/2023, 8:02 AM

On 1/31/2023 2:20 PM, brandy wrote:


I am sending this email as a request for assistance in tracking down 
a recipe published in a magazine or posted on the internet. What I 
see on the internet now through my searches is not it.

The recipe is for Rosemary Beet Biscuits served with honey, goat cheese, 
arugula and possibly walnuts and lemon. 
The biscuits were not red from mashed beets. The beets were minced and 
dispersed nicely. I mostly remember red beets, but I also think it could 
be a mix of red and golden beets. 

This feels like a lovely rendition on a light brunch salad or for an 
afternoon tea meal. If you could solve the mystery for where the recipe 
disappeared to, that would be great! The origin of this recipe is half 
of the puzzle, the recipe is the other. Please help if you can, solve 
the mystery! Thank you so much for your help.

Kind Regards,

Hello Brandy,

I had no success locating any recipe at all with the name "rosemary beet biscuits". I found a number of recipes simply titled "beet biscuits", but none of those had the other ingredients and all of them that included a photo were red from the beets. There are numerous salad recipes with most of the ingredients that you list, but none are biscuits. A few are on crostini or other bread, but not biscuits.

All that I can do is post this. Perhaps one of my readers can help.


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