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Chocolate Chip Divinity Cookies

Subject: Chocolate Chip Divinity cookies
From: Kat
Date: 1/30/2023, 8:33 AM

On 1/28/2023 11:52 PM, Kat wrote:

Hi there,

I came upon your post of 5-27-2020 while also searching for the divinity 
cookies from Lucci’s deli(now sadly closed). My Grandmother used to buy 
these cookies when I was a child (1980’s/90’s) at Hughes market in Burbank 
(also closed now). They are a very white cookie with tiny chocolate chips 
or even chopped up small pieces of chocolate. The texture is like a very 
dusty crumbly high fat shortbread at the exterior (like polvorones texture) 
and crunchy at the interior. The inside sometimes had air holes. My grandma 
passed away and I thought I would never taste those delicious cookies 
again until a coworker brought them to work one day from Lucci’s deli. 
Now they’re closed too and I fear I will never find a good recipe. 
I have tried making them with no real success. The texture is really 
specific and I just haven’t got it right. My grandma came from Italian 
heritage, and Lucci’s was an Italian market so I think they may be based 
on an Italian recipe. I really hope you can figure out what these cookies are!

Thank you,

Hello Kat,

There is a recipe for "chocolate chip divinity cookies" here:  Group Recipes

There are three pages of discussion about "chocolate chip divinity cookies" here: Baking-Forums The third page of discussion has some ideas for "tastes-like" recipes.

I am not finding anything else of value about them and there has been no reader input to my previous post about them. Sorry.


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