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Porky's Onion Ring Batter

Subject: Porky's
From: Wayne
Date: 1/10/2023, 8:17 AM

On 1/9/2023 10:00 PM, Wayne wrote:

On the comments about Porky's onion ring batter, I have a old lifetime friend 
who worked there for 2 year's in high school and laughs at all the posted 
recipes and states he mixed and made 1,000s of pounds of onion rings and 
besides the Lawry's seasoned salt all they used was FRY KRISP BATTER AND 
WATER..TRUE STORY..I still use fry krisp for all deep frying thou hard to 
find, my  source is 5lb. Bag's at Sysco food wholesale on hwy 10 about a mile 
before the Big question is the oil used. I don't know causes back 
in the 50s/60s lots of deep frying was done, unlike today,  with lard, and 
all sorts of shortenings not recommended today for health reasons, but yes I 
was brought up on lard and still use it sparingly..does  make a difference.. 

Hello Wayne,

Thanks for writing. I will update my info. Amazon has the batter mix: Fry Krisp Batter Mix.
Fry Krisp sells it via their online store. See: Fry Krisp Batter Mix


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