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Der Dutchman

Subject: Der Dutchman recipes
From: Hayden
Date: 1/8/2023, 9:04 AM

On 1/7/2023 3:47 PM, Hayden wrote:

Do you have any recipes from the Der Dutchman restaurant in Plain City, Oh.? 
Especially the cookies from their bakery: sugar cookies and buttermilk cookies, 
for sure. (They are large, thick, soft, and sweet.) The recipe for their 
Butterscotch pie would be wonderful, if you had that. The crust is delicious, 
crumbly, cookies of some kind.

Their fried chicken or roast beef recipes would be awesome also.

Thank you,

Hello Hayden,

Sorry, I do not have any recipes from Der Dutchman. I could not locate any authentic Der Dutchman recipes online for the things you ask about. If you do a Google search for those individual recipes,  you will get a link to a site called "", not a link to any authentic Der Dutchman recipes or even to actual copycats.

See here for example: Recipes - Der Dutchman Buttermilk Cookies If you follow that link, it takes you to a "rabbit-hole" of a site that's more like a search engine for recipes than anything else. It has "Der Dutchman Buttermilk Cookies" in text on the page, but no links on the page actually take you to a recipe from Der Dutchman Restaurant, just to other buttermilk cookie recipes.

"Der Dutchman" is a rather large company with restaurants and gift shops in many locations. Their specialty is Amish recipes and themed gifts. Their website is: DHGroup

The Plain City location has a Facebook page here:  Der Dutchman Plain City

If you want actual Der Dutchman-created recipes, you best bet is to buy their cookbook.  Their site for selling it is here: Der Dutchman Original 1973 Cookbook

You can also find used copies of this cookbook at Amazon, Etsy, Ebay, and other used book sites, possibly cheaper.  I doubt that the recipes in it are exactly the recipes that they use in their restaurants. I'd speculate that they are versions that have been developed for the home cook.


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