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Pork Stuffed Shells

Subject: pork stuffed shells
From: Jinnie
Date: 1/5/2023, 8:56 AM

On Wed, Jan 4, 2023, 12:30 PM Phaedrus wrote:

On 1/3/2023 1:26 PM, Jinnie wrote:

I think it was in the 80's and I think the pork counsel published it.  
It was for a casserole called Oriental Stuffed Shells. Jumbo shells 
stuffed with ground pork and vegetables and a sauce over them.  
I think had the recipe in a pamphlet I got at my county fair.  
Could you possibly help me to relocate it?

Hi Jinnie,

Which state pork council and which county fair was that in? And can you remember some of the vegetables that were in it?


On 1/4/2023 7:29 PM, Jinnie wrote:

It was at the Schaghticoke Fair in Rensselaer County, NY

Sorry, didn't see the vegetable question. I know carrots, maybe celery.  
That i dont remember too well

Hi Jinnie,

Sorry, I cannot find  a ground pork stuffed shells recipe named "Oriental Stuffed Shells", nor can I find one associated with the New York State Pork Producers or with the Schaghticoke Fair or with Rensselaer County.  On these sites are some "stuffed shells" recipes that you might like:

Pasta Shells with Pork Filling

Spinach & Pork Stuffed Shells

Stuffed Shells


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